Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Logo Designing in Gem and Jewellery Industry

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French and English – but are great in remembering signs”- Karl Lagerfield.

Jewellery is a celebrated affair in Indian tradition and customs. It is a symbol of prestige and honor in Indian community. As jewellery is held in such reverence, jewellers go to any extent with respect to money or efforts to develop the best possible branding for their jewellery companies. Hence, jewellery logo designs have to look modestly prestigious that brings value to their products. Logo designs, which justify the feeling of wealth and aristocracy, appeal their inner personality. Often jewellery logo designs are associated with generations of jewellery buyers as jewellery is a part of heirlooms. Hence, jewellery logos must be created with immense precision and thought so that they appear trendy and modern, yet retain their old world charm.

A good logo essentially is Versatile, Futuristic, Easy to Recognition, Simple and Memorable. Short symbols and bold (appropriate) fonts style and size are easy to recognize and connect with. Easy recognition leads to quick retention.

When it comes to Jewellery, logos are type casted with symbols that connect them to be a jeweller.  Diamond shapes, curlicues, stars, twinkle or flourish are commonly used motifs in jewellery logo designs. Gold, black, silver, red, burgundy and green colors are often used in designing jewellery logos. However, new trends or reinvented identity observed in large jewellery houses follow more corporate style of logos that are futuristic and can sustain changes in businesses. It is important to communicate feelings of being warmth, soft, delicate, glamorous, fashionable and stylish as the target audience for the industry is women. The minimalist design and classic look works well to project a luxurious image for the brand.

In India, jewellery logo designing often depict paisley, lotus and chakra to give an Indian touch to them. Gold, black, silver, red, burgundy and green colors are often used in designing jewellery logos. Jewellers today have realized the importance of logo and are refreshing the core identity maintaining longevity of business. With a vast mythological history, Indian Jewellers borrow concepts and depict figures of Indian Mythological Gods in their logos which mark as an auspicious beginning for them. Logos for jewellers in India mostly connect to the religious faith of 90% population and the remaining to women population.

Logos are the first representatives of the business. The quality of a logo can tell the customer how much their image (and customer judgment) really means to that business. It gives an image to your business, which is capable to convey your message and objectives unmistakably.

Have a look below at some of the Famous Indian Jewellery Logo Designs:

TBZ – The Original: Timeless and Futuristic with golden touch. 

Kalyan Jewellers: Simple and Memorable with Indian Hues, Gold and Red

Ganjam Jewellers: Symbolic and Mythological (Bird:  Inspiration)

 Logo design Mumbai

Alankar Jewellers: Spiritual and Mythological (Lord Ganesha: Inspiration)

Swastik Jewellers: Religious & Auspicious Beginning

 Logo Designing In India

Anantam Jewellers: Versatile and Longevity (A perennial flower) 

 Logo design

Srishti Gold: Growth and Shine

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