Monday, 26 September 2016

The Importance of a Logo for your business

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Logos are very crucial to any business. They are the most visible emblematic identity carried through the birth and remains till the eternity.  A well designed logo is an essential part of the company’s overall marketing communication.  It is an easily recognized symbol and builds brand image.

Small businesses often make mistakes by not giving it the due importance it has. They either copy the element with a minor change or use easily available graphics. This often leads to an identity crisis and poor business image. Logos are significant and let us tell you why.

Fore mostly, Logo designs are a major contributor to Brand Identity and Brand Assets

The logo is the first distinctive feature and visual identity of any business. It appears on every corporate collateral and all merchandises. Corporate stationery or website, advertisements or legal ventures; it is on records everywhere. It symbolizes the quality of your products and services. Over a period of time, the performance of the brand develops into a valuable brand asset.  Hence, it is advisable to design it exclusively right at the conception of any business.


A sound designed logo reveals clarity in the business plan to its target markets. It implies a high degree of professionalism and competence that could help steer potential new clients towards selecting a product. The visual elements like colors, fonts, typography and other design elements are the contributors to deliver a professional logo. The design principles give some sense of a meaning about the company or its industry.  They adhere to quality standards and bring a sense of direction to all the investors, beneficiaries, personnel, partners and all affected parties. Logos are intended to be the “face” of the company. 

Effective Marketing Strategy

A Logo is a short-hand address to a company name. It is easily recognizable and stimulating if designed appropriately. Human minds often register those visuals or images which activate their sub-conscious mind. It could be simple but memorable or complex which involves the brain cortex to decipher the meaning. The more generic ones fail to be recalled. Since logos are prominently used in every marketing communication, it is significant to get a noteworthy logo designed.
The power of the logo lies not only in its visual nature. A combination of great design elements and powerful words can result into an outstanding logo.

A well-designed logo carries an unbreakable strength that it can carry any communication single-handedly keeping your business image intact and strong. Studies have shown that people recognize and relate to images faster than text. As the popularity increases it gains brand loyalty and goodwill. It is the logo that helps recall the brand hence, ample consideration should be given to the making of a logo. It could be simple yet memorable or complex yet extremely thoughtful.

Resource: Therefore, it is very important for a logo to have a meaning to present something specific and unique to the subconscious mind of the consumer. A logo establishes ownership and sets one apart from the competition. Get yours designed today from best Advertising agencies like Moonstruck Advertising agency and let your logo lead your business and stand apart from the rest of the competition! 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to design perfect Business Cards

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Most business men have a very generalist approach towards business cards but, we are here to ensure that your first impression creates a lasting impact. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Almost everyone will make a good first impression but only a few will make a good lasting impression. Thus, perfect business cards printing can make it happen.
There are certain elements mentioned below that play an eminent role in defining the characteristics for your business card, that are to be kept in mind.

1.       Know your Profession: Keep the decorum of your profession in mind while designing your business card. If you are in a creative business, depict your creativity with sheer minimalism. However, if you are doctor, lawyer, financial services   provider your card should be crisp and clear to convey that you are super professional.

2.       Never go wrong with color: Do not use too many colors. Loud colors depict passion; however, it can go wrong if not designed appropriately. Pastel shades have an advantage as they depict clarity in thoughts. Grey indicates a practical nature, whereas brown symbolizes stability. Blue represents trust whereas purple has been associated with wisdom. Gold spells luxury with class. Black, can never make you go wrong!

3.       Do not mistake your business card with corporate profile: The purpose of the business card is to exchange information for further contact. Many a times businesses make a mistake by adding unnecessary details on the card. It has been observed men like to add award images or association logos on their cards. Practically, your business card should only contain the brand logo design, name, designation, contact info, address, e-mail id and website details if any. Anything beyond this should be part of your company profile.

4.       Fonts make an impact: Use the space on your card with effective typography. Keep the design minimal and use fonts appropriately. The typo should be legible yet remain classy, in a way that it keeps the corporate essence alive. Brand managers, designers swear on using right fonts throughout their communication channel.

5.       Quality is the best business plan: If you consider your business card as the first step of your brand communication, then you would pay utmost importance to its look and quality. Printing matters. How you print it and the paper quality that you select adds to the value of your card. Do not compromise on choosing the right material for your card. An expert printer and experienced graphic designer can help you choose the right paper with different printing options.

6.        Do call for a Sample Print: Many a times, the printed cards do not match the color on screen. So, it is advisable to have a sample or dummy check before final printing. Ensure that your dimensions are correct. Check or call for the sample print from your printing agency. Check the overall look, the margins and color. Do a thorough proof reading of your business card before printing it.  Check if the information entered is correct. If possible, tell your designer to give RGB codes specifically so that same color is assured. It is better to act before it’s too late. Any changes at this stage can be rectified before you order for final printing.

Approaching a professional agency such as Moonstruck Advertising can help you design an impactful business card. Designing and printing agency is more recommendable as the team is in sync and can guarantee the quality and finish as the designers themselves pay attention to the detailing. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

5 Simple Tips to Design Creative Invitation Cards

 Invitation card printing in Bangalore
Invitation card is the first impression of every business or event. So, it must be creative enough to grab the attention of your target group. Therefore, we recommend you to hire one of the top advertising agencies good in designing and invitation card printing in Chennai, Bengaluru or anywhere else in India for your invitation card designs.

There are many ways to make an impression and set the scene prior an event. One of the most important ways to do so is through invitations. At the heart of every invitation, there is designing and printing of the cards. Whether the invitations are for a corporate event, exhibition, housewarming party, corporate party, wedding, family celebration or any other occasion, getting the designs right makes rest of the process easy. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire the top advertising agencies in India for creative designing. An invitation card design is often the first touchpoint of an event. So, top advertising agencies ensure that it embodies the essence of what you're trying to achieve. The first step towards any invitation card  printing design is to provide the key information such as the date, time, venue and purpose of the event. The agencies understand it well and work towards achieving it. However, you must still keep a check on whether they are doing it the right way or not.

It is easy to design an invitation for an individual event. However, it is really a challenge to make an impression with the invitation for a B2B exhibition, where the exhibitors have a similar target audience. You want the attention of your clients for such occasions and hence, an effective invite is important. It can play a pull strategy role to attract your clients. Creating a creative and unique invite will not only keep you distinguished but also lend your personal touch to it.

Have you ever wondered why do businesses need a creative and more impactful invitation card? The reason is simple. “It’s not about being noticed; it’s about being remembered.” Do you want your clients to just pile the invitations that they receive or you really want to give them a reason to attend your event? As one of the top advertising agencies, we have listed below a few tips for you to get creative and artistic with your invitations:

Typographic Influence:Believe it or not, impactful typography offers an original feel to the invitations. It creates a beautiful balance in your design and allows the card to communicate the sophisticated and high-end feel of the brand to your target group. If you are looking for a simple structured shape of the card, then fonts can create the curiosity. Make sure to add a quote that suits your brand story or message!

1.Typography Tip: 99% of the time, aligning your text (main matter) centrally is going to make your typography look way better.

Origami Orients: Why restrict origami art to kindergarten days? Apply it to create pop-outs and crisp fancy folds’ invitations. Break the norm of single structured card invitations. Use of subtle colours can make any complex design look simple, yet creative. For example, a diamond jeweller can have a nice diamond shaped origami invitation with simple colour, wherein unfolding the card opens the secrets. Such invites not only grab your attention from the clutter but also makes one inquisitive to check for more!

2.Origami Tip: Make sure you use the space of fold areas.  Highlight products on /under fold cover.

Photographic Tricks: Do you have a recent concept photography done for your product? Then give it to a graphic designer to make an optimum use of it for your invitation card.  A skilled designer will put it to good use by making an impressive work of art of the same. You can then, use it as a background or a strong face of your card.

3.Photography Trip: Play with the print process like Matt-UV, Spot UV, Velvet finish and embossing to make it more corporate and formal.

Punch to Punch: Be an odd man, to stand out! Punches and cut-outs can set you different from your competitors. Laser cut punch offers finished look. Hence, hiring a good advertising and printing agency can help you achieve your goal of creating a creative invitation card.

4.Punch tip:  Hide the message below the punch. A partial information between the cuts make a good work of art and also makes the receiver inquisitive to read further.

Luxe Materials: Enrich the experience by using luxe materials for the card like fibre and acrylic glass to print exclusive invitation cards. These kinds of invitations spell luxury and opulence. Luxury and Jewellery Businesses can use such materials to create uber invites for a high-end class.

5Luxe Materials Tip: Be simplistic with the invitation message as rest everything is taken care by the raw material.
Whether print or digital, use of right colours offers modern and effective look to invites. To sum it up, invitation design should be refreshing and welcoming. A creative invitation is not only work of designer but also the printer. Hence, it is important to hire a Professional Advertising Agency who is skilled in designing as well as invitation card printing in Chennai, Bengaluru or anywhere else in India. The agency can come up with an amazing set of invitation card designs having a very interesting choice of material for print and post-printing processes.

If you are looking for one of the top advertising agencies good at designing and invitation card printing in Chennai and Bengaluru, you can contact Moonstruck Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Top Benefits of Hiring Advertising Agency in India

If your Jewellery Brand has been planning to expand its business in south of India, looking to generate brand awareness & revenue by connecting with the right target audience from Bengaluru, Chennai and Kochi, then you should definitely hire an advertising agency. A creative advertising agency conveys your message to the target audience in the most effective way and thereby, contributes to the growth of your business.

Are you a Jewellery brand interested in creating brand awareness in the southern states of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to generate more revenue by engaging with the right set of target audience? Then like most of the brands, the branding and corporate identity campaigns must have been executed in-house. However, the best approach is to hire one of the top advertising agencies in India who can help you with an effective targeting and performance driven marketing. Their expertise not only gives a different perspective to the brand identity but also helps one to determine the right marketing strategies. For example, even logo designing, brochure printing and catalogue printing for Gems and Jewellery brands in Chennai, Bangalore and Kochi can play a crucial role in providing the brand recall for its customers. Advertising agencies are generally considered to be expensive and hence, many shy away from taking their services. However, they can really help you grow your business.

Following are the three key advantages of an Advertising Agency that contribute to the growth of your business:

The expertise of an Advertising Agency: The expertise of an advertising agency helps in exploring new markets. Many businesses that hire an advertising agency find out new ways to promote themselves. Further, large agencies help you have access to researchers, media buyers, film stars, etc. Smaller agencies may have their own selective key areas. Businesses can choose between them as per their needs. Advertising Agencies act like guardians. The suggestions and inputs given by them come from industry knowledge and clientele they serve. They are in constant touch with marketing team for the development and timely execution of the campaigns. Hence, their feedback is an enriched resource for every business.

Consistency in Brand Messages and overall Brand Development: Branding activities need to be consistent so that the consumers instantly recognise them. A creative advertising agency can help in designing brand messages through creative campaigns. They can help you by developing logos and advertising them to create brand awareness. They can also provide you with research that will allow you to target the most effective market. Agencies can also help design your ads for individual media so that you can reach a specific market. Consistency in overall communication is essential for creating a brand image and better brand recall value.

Creative Output from Professionals: As per the law of attraction, 'like' attracts 'like'. If you apply the law of attraction to your content marketing, then you can expect to receive “what you put out”. This can be very well achieved by a professional advertising agency. Their team comprises of creative & art directors, visualizers, content writers and copywriters, who give your marketing message an innovative dimension through logo designing, invitation cards and catalog printing, brochure designing, etc.

Human minds understand simple, crisp and clear messages that are brought to their sight strategically or innovatively. These things can only come from a creative professional background. So, using the resources of an advertising agency is a wise option. 

If you decide to hire an agency, remember to trust their judgments. After all, they’ve probably been working in the advertising sector for years. Give them as much information as you can about your company, services, products and customer base. 

Why not consider working with one of the best advertising agencies in Bangalore, Chennai or Thrissur for your next marketing campaign?

For creating better branding and creative advertising, have a look at some of the reputed advertising agencies like Moonstruck Advertising for your campaign needs.