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5 Simple Tips to Design Creative Invitation Cards

 Invitation card printing in Bangalore
Invitation card is the first impression of every business or event. So, it must be creative enough to grab the attention of your target group. Therefore, we recommend you to hire one of the top advertising agencies good in designing and invitation card printing in Chennai, Bengaluru or anywhere else in India for your invitation card designs.

There are many ways to make an impression and set the scene prior an event. One of the most important ways to do so is through invitations. At the heart of every invitation, there is designing and printing of the cards. Whether the invitations are for a corporate event, exhibition, housewarming party, corporate party, wedding, family celebration or any other occasion, getting the designs right makes rest of the process easy. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire the top advertising agencies in India for creative designing. An invitation card design is often the first touchpoint of an event. So, top advertising agencies ensure that it embodies the essence of what you're trying to achieve. The first step towards any invitation card  printing design is to provide the key information such as the date, time, venue and purpose of the event. The agencies understand it well and work towards achieving it. However, you must still keep a check on whether they are doing it the right way or not.

It is easy to design an invitation for an individual event. However, it is really a challenge to make an impression with the invitation for a B2B exhibition, where the exhibitors have a similar target audience. You want the attention of your clients for such occasions and hence, an effective invite is important. It can play a pull strategy role to attract your clients. Creating a creative and unique invite will not only keep you distinguished but also lend your personal touch to it.

Have you ever wondered why do businesses need a creative and more impactful invitation card? The reason is simple. “It’s not about being noticed; it’s about being remembered.” Do you want your clients to just pile the invitations that they receive or you really want to give them a reason to attend your event? As one of the top advertising agencies, we have listed below a few tips for you to get creative and artistic with your invitations:

Typographic Influence:Believe it or not, impactful typography offers an original feel to the invitations. It creates a beautiful balance in your design and allows the card to communicate the sophisticated and high-end feel of the brand to your target group. If you are looking for a simple structured shape of the card, then fonts can create the curiosity. Make sure to add a quote that suits your brand story or message!

1.Typography Tip: 99% of the time, aligning your text (main matter) centrally is going to make your typography look way better.

Origami Orients: Why restrict origami art to kindergarten days? Apply it to create pop-outs and crisp fancy folds’ invitations. Break the norm of single structured card invitations. Use of subtle colours can make any complex design look simple, yet creative. For example, a diamond jeweller can have a nice diamond shaped origami invitation with simple colour, wherein unfolding the card opens the secrets. Such invites not only grab your attention from the clutter but also makes one inquisitive to check for more!

2.Origami Tip: Make sure you use the space of fold areas.  Highlight products on /under fold cover.

Photographic Tricks: Do you have a recent concept photography done for your product? Then give it to a graphic designer to make an optimum use of it for your invitation card.  A skilled designer will put it to good use by making an impressive work of art of the same. You can then, use it as a background or a strong face of your card.

3.Photography Trip: Play with the print process like Matt-UV, Spot UV, Velvet finish and embossing to make it more corporate and formal.

Punch to Punch: Be an odd man, to stand out! Punches and cut-outs can set you different from your competitors. Laser cut punch offers finished look. Hence, hiring a good advertising and printing agency can help you achieve your goal of creating a creative invitation card.

4.Punch tip:  Hide the message below the punch. A partial information between the cuts make a good work of art and also makes the receiver inquisitive to read further.

Luxe Materials: Enrich the experience by using luxe materials for the card like fibre and acrylic glass to print exclusive invitation cards. These kinds of invitations spell luxury and opulence. Luxury and Jewellery Businesses can use such materials to create uber invites for a high-end class.

5Luxe Materials Tip: Be simplistic with the invitation message as rest everything is taken care by the raw material.
Whether print or digital, use of right colours offers modern and effective look to invites. To sum it up, invitation design should be refreshing and welcoming. A creative invitation is not only work of designer but also the printer. Hence, it is important to hire a Professional Advertising Agency who is skilled in designing as well as invitation card printing in Chennai, Bengaluru or anywhere else in India. The agency can come up with an amazing set of invitation card designs having a very interesting choice of material for print and post-printing processes.

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