Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to design perfect Business Cards

 Business card printing
Most business men have a very generalist approach towards business cards but, we are here to ensure that your first impression creates a lasting impact. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Almost everyone will make a good first impression but only a few will make a good lasting impression. Thus, perfect business cards printing can make it happen.
There are certain elements mentioned below that play an eminent role in defining the characteristics for your business card, that are to be kept in mind.

1.       Know your Profession: Keep the decorum of your profession in mind while designing your business card. If you are in a creative business, depict your creativity with sheer minimalism. However, if you are doctor, lawyer, financial services   provider your card should be crisp and clear to convey that you are super professional.

2.       Never go wrong with color: Do not use too many colors. Loud colors depict passion; however, it can go wrong if not designed appropriately. Pastel shades have an advantage as they depict clarity in thoughts. Grey indicates a practical nature, whereas brown symbolizes stability. Blue represents trust whereas purple has been associated with wisdom. Gold spells luxury with class. Black, can never make you go wrong!

3.       Do not mistake your business card with corporate profile: The purpose of the business card is to exchange information for further contact. Many a times businesses make a mistake by adding unnecessary details on the card. It has been observed men like to add award images or association logos on their cards. Practically, your business card should only contain the brand logo design, name, designation, contact info, address, e-mail id and website details if any. Anything beyond this should be part of your company profile.

4.       Fonts make an impact: Use the space on your card with effective typography. Keep the design minimal and use fonts appropriately. The typo should be legible yet remain classy, in a way that it keeps the corporate essence alive. Brand managers, designers swear on using right fonts throughout their communication channel.

5.       Quality is the best business plan: If you consider your business card as the first step of your brand communication, then you would pay utmost importance to its look and quality. Printing matters. How you print it and the paper quality that you select adds to the value of your card. Do not compromise on choosing the right material for your card. An expert printer and experienced graphic designer can help you choose the right paper with different printing options.

6.        Do call for a Sample Print: Many a times, the printed cards do not match the color on screen. So, it is advisable to have a sample or dummy check before final printing. Ensure that your dimensions are correct. Check or call for the sample print from your printing agency. Check the overall look, the margins and color. Do a thorough proof reading of your business card before printing it.  Check if the information entered is correct. If possible, tell your designer to give RGB codes specifically so that same color is assured. It is better to act before it’s too late. Any changes at this stage can be rectified before you order for final printing.

Approaching a professional agency such as Moonstruck Advertising can help you design an impactful business card. Designing and printing agency is more recommendable as the team is in sync and can guarantee the quality and finish as the designers themselves pay attention to the detailing. 

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