Monday, 26 September 2016

The Importance of a Logo for your business

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Logos are very crucial to any business. They are the most visible emblematic identity carried through the birth and remains till the eternity.  A well designed logo is an essential part of the company’s overall marketing communication.  It is an easily recognized symbol and builds brand image.

Small businesses often make mistakes by not giving it the due importance it has. They either copy the element with a minor change or use easily available graphics. This often leads to an identity crisis and poor business image. Logos are significant and let us tell you why.

Fore mostly, Logo designs are a major contributor to Brand Identity and Brand Assets

The logo is the first distinctive feature and visual identity of any business. It appears on every corporate collateral and all merchandises. Corporate stationery or website, advertisements or legal ventures; it is on records everywhere. It symbolizes the quality of your products and services. Over a period of time, the performance of the brand develops into a valuable brand asset.  Hence, it is advisable to design it exclusively right at the conception of any business.


A sound designed logo reveals clarity in the business plan to its target markets. It implies a high degree of professionalism and competence that could help steer potential new clients towards selecting a product. The visual elements like colors, fonts, typography and other design elements are the contributors to deliver a professional logo. The design principles give some sense of a meaning about the company or its industry.  They adhere to quality standards and bring a sense of direction to all the investors, beneficiaries, personnel, partners and all affected parties. Logos are intended to be the “face” of the company. 

Effective Marketing Strategy

A Logo is a short-hand address to a company name. It is easily recognizable and stimulating if designed appropriately. Human minds often register those visuals or images which activate their sub-conscious mind. It could be simple but memorable or complex which involves the brain cortex to decipher the meaning. The more generic ones fail to be recalled. Since logos are prominently used in every marketing communication, it is significant to get a noteworthy logo designed.
The power of the logo lies not only in its visual nature. A combination of great design elements and powerful words can result into an outstanding logo.

A well-designed logo carries an unbreakable strength that it can carry any communication single-handedly keeping your business image intact and strong. Studies have shown that people recognize and relate to images faster than text. As the popularity increases it gains brand loyalty and goodwill. It is the logo that helps recall the brand hence, ample consideration should be given to the making of a logo. It could be simple yet memorable or complex yet extremely thoughtful.

Resource: Therefore, it is very important for a logo to have a meaning to present something specific and unique to the subconscious mind of the consumer. A logo establishes ownership and sets one apart from the competition. Get yours designed today from best Advertising agencies like Moonstruck Advertising agency and let your logo lead your business and stand apart from the rest of the competition! 

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