Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Corporate Identity: Why Jewellery Industry needs it?

 Corporate Identity design Mumbai
Corporate identity is an extension of a logo that serves as a wider visual identity for your company. For instance, use of company colours or a particular design to represent company or its philosophy is corporate identity. Creating a corporate identity involves setting up identity guidelines to deliver visual consistency in your company. This consistency creates a professional image and most importantly, it increases the recall value of your brand. Corporate identity guidelines lay out the visual devices to be used across marketing platforms and other communications, which include:

  • Marketing collaterals – business cards, envelopes, letterheads, notepads, t-shirts, mugs, staff uniforms, interior and exterior design of the office, etc..

  • Promotional materials – flyers, brochures, catalogues, posters, sign age and banners, product packaging, and much more.

  • Digital media – website and social media.

Jewellers in India are highly  un organized and lack corporate ethics. Such businesses cannot sustain in export markets, regardless of product Excellency. Visual identities should become the emblem of jewellery businesses through communication that is simple, powerful and easily reproduced, and recalled by consumers and general audience.

As a Creative Advertising Agency for jewellers in India, we believe that the important and advantageous functional roles of corporate identity are:

Building Goodwill for Jewellers: Corporate Identity is a sign of longevity that is not only attractive to customers, but also is desirable to potential investors. It’s an indicator that the company is serious about being successful and that it is reliable in the industry. It is important for the jewellers or any business to build goodwill in the market by standardising corporate communication tools.

Aiding Jewellers in Brand Recall: Strong corporate branding is essential because it subconsciously shapes consumers’ feelings about an organization and its services or products. The feelings of the consumers about an organization’s service or product are subconsciously reinforced, from the moment they interact with the corporate identity of a company. Often, these feelings last a consumer’s life-time. In creating a consistent identity, a company must ensure that they are recognized and remembered.

Providing Jewellers a competitive Edge: A uniform and strong corporate identity makes the brand instantly recognizable amongst its target audience. It also improves customer awareness and increases a company's competitive edge.

Reinforcing the identity: Maintaining consistency in your corporate identity is essential because it reinforces the brand identity every time the customer encounters brand’s products or services. So, it is important to consider all the touch points such as social networking platforms, newsletters, email marketing, sales brochures and the like for corporate identity.

To summarize, every jeweller who wants to be successful and known should seek for building corporate ethics. Corporate Identity Design creates a single and clear visual identity for an organization, its divisions, brands, products and services. Overall, it leverages the brand equity and standardizes an organization’s visual presentation consistently across media applications.

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