Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Communication in External Environment : Effective Branding Tips

Truth Triumphs!!! Customer is a KING!!! Work is Worship!!! These messages often float in most organizations. However, jewellery business is more based on trust and designs. Often customer at Jewellery stores are given royal treatment because of:
 a) High value attached to jewellery
b) Legacy of business spread across generations.

Etiquettes such as customer service, consumer experience and corporate culture are reflected in the operation of the business. These intangible assets add value and earn a reputation which we called as Goodwill. However, it is also important for the industry to become a wholesome brand by focusing efforts on building tangible assets. With so much competition and every jeweller driving business on faith, it has become crucial to build add-on experience. Effective positioning of tangible brand assets can aid in brand building. 

Tangible Brand Assets:

Logo and tagline: We truly believe in Karl Lagerfield’s saying “Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French and English – but are great in remembering signs” jewellery logo designs have to look modestly prestigious that brings value to their products. Logo designs, which justify the feeling of wealth and aristocracy, appeal their inner personality. A well-crafted logo and tagline starts the baseline perception of your brand. It drives home your brand promise and uniqueness. It is targeted at two simple fundamentals of human psychology, Attention and Retention. 

Marketing Collateral: From business cards to billboards, your marketing and sales collateral reflect your brand. Key visual components, such as color, typography, style of photography and logos on collateral, should always be consistent. Keep in mind; branding is all about repetition, the more consistent your brand is represented, the more likely it will be “branded” in the minds of the audience. As so rightly said in Management Rule, every thing has a place and should be in its place.

Website: Today, a well designed website is worth its weight in gold. Data shows that if a user doesn’t like your website, it’s an indication to them that the company doesn’t care. Responsiveness, user-friendly, easy navigation, swift page- loading are certain essentials of a good website. The placement rule of logos, typography, brand-colors play functional role on websites and thereby supplements branding.

Packaging: Your packaging boxes, jewellery pouches, carry bags, information literature; look-book, guarantee certificates are brand assets which consumers take along with the purchases made. A jeweler has to invest in packaging which prompts indirect advertising and branding. 

Messaging while Rebranding: While undergoing a rebrand, you should be revisiting mission and vision statements. This messaging should trickle down into everything your business uses to communicate with clients, from brochures to daily emails.
Everything your business does and says reflects on your brand—so it’s important to maximize its potential.

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