Thursday, 16 July 2015

Logo Design Trends

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The fact that an e-commerce giant like Flipkart looks for a change in its logo design, clearly states how important branding is to strike the right cord. Once an abstract concept used by marketing managers, branding is now a board-level concern and a major consideration during business valuations. The brand is in its golden age and one of the primary reasons to look for a change is totally App influenced. App design has become so popular that it's not surprising to witness companies with elegantly crafted slick icons, which dominate the app store and populate your digital devices, have moved into branding, specifically, logo design. This is the reason why Flipkart called for yet another change in its logo design.

If you are also planning to change your logo design or refresh your existing brand like Flipkart, then this quick analysis of latest trends from a Branding Agency in India will be of great help. You don't have to follow them, but you need to be aware of these trends. We reveal the latest trends in branding, identity and logo design, which are compatible to app stores:

1. Polygon Design: Polygons represent multi-faceted view of an organization. Polygonal logos seem to be more balanced with external environment and harmonizing internal environment. Such logos define long term vision and provide Solidarity to any company. 

2. Overlapping Technique: Very Archaic, it is mostly tried and tested by majority of the Graphic designers. Overlapping resurfaces in various forms such as transparent states/forms or fonts. An idea behind using this technique what most of the organizations perceive is to show transparency in their businesses and a corporate structure that they follow.

3. Sparkle: The proverbial icon for bling, sparkle is used to depict things that glitter, twinkle or sparkle. Hence, you would see most of the jewellery logos with a sparkle.

4. Moiré patterns: These are a kind of optical illusions created by converging and colliding grid-like patterns. These are becoming more and more popular within branding and identity design.

5. Contours: Designers set on finding a hybrid between simple one-color iconic symbols and a more complex descriptive illustrative mark have landed on a solution with contours.

Logo designs are wonderfully transformed, adapted and re-shaped in the current trends. What still goes on without saying much is emphasis on font. Typography is one of the core elements, which has a revolutionary transformation. Adapting to incomplete fonts to stacked ones, the razer blunt finishes or the mirror reflection, Fonts are in Vogue and here to stay.

The second observation is relative importance to symbolism. Symbols are the first syllables of human communication. While trends can get extinct, functional symbols are used even today and have an everlasting future.

Designers and clients are always seeking ways to make logos better. After staring at the same logo year after year, even the greatest design would begin to feel stale. The whole idea of putting up this article together with focus on trends in logo designing is to pitch a thought of integration of the elements in more functional form. The dynamic use of logo elements is what determines the trend in logo designing.

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