Thursday, 13 August 2015


 Branding designing in Mumbai

There is no getting around effective branding, and undoubtedly, several large companies have been leaders in utilizing branding to attract customers. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a customer looked for “xxxx” – your brand name, rather than just a ring or necklace?

A story around your product is usually a good brand recognition step. A sensible introduction induces brand recall. Recite the story of your jewellery brand and how it came to fruition. Articulate the bliss your customer experiences while wearing your jewellery. It is not about a “sleek looking” piece of jewellery. It must entail more than that to reduce price sensitivity and increase customer loyalty. All of this begins with brand development for jewellers.

So if you want to reflect about your own jewellery brand, several factors must first be determined. Brand Identity  development for jewellers are like any other business. You need a good name, a perpetual logo or image, and a catchy slogan. It may not be necessary to hitch a tune to your jewellery company in order to make your brand memorable, but there are some things you should “not do” to make your brand unforgettable!


Advertisement alone cannot take you to the stratosphere. Brand is developed with satisfied customers, trustworthiness, structured branding strategy, branding design and strong passion for your product.

Old is Gold – a well versed saying lies in various expects. Jewellers usually target at maximizing reach and new customer fan following. However, they often miss their existing customers. No business should disregard existing customers, because they are already familiar with your jewellery brand and they will likely buy from you again. Make sure you reach out to them often, and don’t forget that word of mouth endorsement is still vital in any industry. Thus, the key to brand development for jewellers is – DO NOT ignore your loyalists!

Websites are still considered a parking space online. However, lot of jewellers do not give due importance on website design and development. Do NOT hold back on your online site. Bear in mind that your website is a “bargaining tool” to some extent. Those that find your jewellery online will have an estimation of your collection based on the appearance of your site. If your site is difficult to navigate, shoddy, looks cheap, and outright chaotic, visitors to your site will view your jewellery along the same lines. As a result, you can forget about any visits to your brick ‘n’ mortar store, or, any customers asking for your brand at retailers!

Social media is another marketing tool, but it can easily work against you. It is important to watch the “trends” of social media to determine whether it fits into your jewellery brand concept. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are probably better social media-marketing tool for a jewellery brand. Stunning photos are very important for selling jewellery, in addition to the proper text, which can lead a potential customer directly to your website.

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