Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to choose the right advertising Agency?

 Advertising agency in India
Your quest for the right agency to promote your brand ends only when you find an advertising and marketing agency that understands your business and creatively manages it. To find such agency, you need to consider certain points like creativity and adaptability to change that define its performance.

There are many advertising agencies out there. Many of them are good, but not all.
Why do we go to an Advertising Agency? The need arises when we want to expand our brand reach, maximize profits and bring volume oriented business. These goals are achieved when you have a right agency to strike the message effectively. So, if you’re a business owner or Marketing Director looking for a Creative advertising agency, to help increase your sales and handle all of your marketing needs, here are a few important points to consider:

1) Understand your business Objectives: The advertising agency you hire needs to prove to you that they are willing to give time to understand your company’s objectives. The relationship between an advertiser and their agency has to be cordial. Thus, a good advertising agency will exhibit a genuine interest in your company. They will ask strategic questions and know more about your company. The advertise agency helps to grow your brand identity. The key points noted aids in strong and goal oriented communication.

2) Account Managers/Client Servicing Managers: The account management function is often considered as vital in keeping the agency relationship on the right track. One of the most essential components of a successful marketing campaign is proper communication between the brand team and the agency. What your organization has in mind for an assignment may be completely different from the agency’s vision. Therefore, having an open communication between you and your agency is critical to develop the right program. If there are ongoing issues that need to be addressed, you should be able to rely on the agency’s account management team to navigate through the right channels to properly address these issues in a timely manner.

3) Industry/Category Expertise: When searching for an agency, look for one that has experience or core competencies in your field. An agency who has knowledge about your industry will not have to spend time acclimating itself with the needs and concerns associated with your area of business. In addition, the agency will already have experience working with clients similar to your company and understand the requirements of a successful marketing strategy for your product or campaign. In all, lookout for agencies that specialize in a particular industry, but are able to differentiate your brand from the other clients they support.

4) Creativity: An agency must be able to relay the strategic message through strong creative work. Successful marketing campaigns typically possess an innovative element that grabs the target market’s attention and leads to a call to action. Gathering case studies and bios of creative leads and requesting tissue concepts to present during an onsite pitch presentation are some approaches, which should be employed in order to evaluate an agency’s creativity and whether or not their work meets your vision.

5) Adaptable to Change: Change is bound to happen during some stages of your campaign’s development, making it important for your agency to be able to adapt to these changes. Make sure that your agency has processes and procedures in place for “when/if changes occur” so that a project is not delayed or pushed over budget. You can also gain a sense of how flexible an agency is during the sourcing process, based on its response to timeline and milestone adjustments. Your agency’s account management team must be able to demonstrate how it will address changes effectively, without disrupting the overall flow of the campaign.

All in all, the agencies befitting the above criteria are ideal for advertising and marketing your products and services. So, you must hire them to promote your brand. And one such company is Moonstruck, which comes up with great campaigns for the brands in jewellery industry.

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