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Business cards are one of the most effective direct marketing tools, which helps in building and expanding the businesses. It helps the brand to create impact and brand recall in customer’s mind. Business card gives a unique identity to your brand. Color, shape, graphics, typography are some of the archetypes for designing a business card.

With businesses done digitally, you might think that business cards are fading out. But, in reality business cards are still creating a stronger impact about businesses. Business cards build a road to numerous opportunities like business partnership, networking and many more. It puts a face to your business. Creating an effective business card design  is very important and hence some of the archetypes that one should keep in mind are:-

Change the orientation: Get off with the monotonous look of horizontal cards. Try the vertical cards which are simple yet effective and add pattern on the edges or use symbols/icons to leave an effective impression.

Unconventional Designs: Is your brand the creator archetype? If yes, then your goal is to create your own identity. Unconventional designs place you accurately with your thought. Use impressions, stamps to add your personal touch or let your card display your dynamic personality. Add a pen drive and store your company information on your business card. Such cards enhance end-user experience and sharing company profile becomes easier. Design it with a purpose and get it right with Unconventional exchanges.
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Elegant Shapes: The standard size of the card is 9.2cm * 5.4cm. A small change in the shape can give your card a unique look from the others who use the rectangular format. A square is a simple, elegant shape that gives a strong boost for starting up the usage of business cards. If you prefer rectangular format for business card, then you can add in customized edges to create a unique lookout. You can add different edges to any shape to give it a softer feel with subtle curves. Adding curves, rounding it off, nice and slim rectangles, unique shapes, squaring can add a classy look to your business card.

Pull Over: Maintaining a selective pocket business card is very effective. Adding an extra element like a card jacket develops the lookout of the card. The way of taking a business card out is reminiscent of opening a gift or a letter which creates more excitement for the receiver and brings more value to the card. Luxury industry for instance can add more extra elements for designing their card.

Experiment with Materials: Being unconventional can make your card look unique. You can use different materials which will create a huge difference for your business card. Water proof cards like plastic cards, credit cards are long lasting cards. Wooden material can be used for cards to give it an earthy and natural look.

Adding Graphics: Graphics add liveliness to the cards. It is very important to understand the nature of the business and use the appropriate graphic illustration to it. Businesses like travel, tourism, logistics, Ad agencies and others can pep up their business cards.

Transparency: Transparency can also be used innovatively for a business card to bring that visual impact. A photographer can use translucent cards that depict lens, a cartoonist can use such cards with fun and quirky elements, Pharma companies can show transparency observance through their business cards.

Color: Digital Colors and designs are in Vogue. Usage of pastel shades with embossed fonts creates a good impression on the receiver. By adding contrast colors, card gets an interesting effect on it. Dual color, color band effects are very eye catchy.

Typography: It is an art and technique of arranging text to make it visible, readable, and appealing when displayed. It can be used in either way for information or for decoration. Depending on the requirement, you can change the tone and add texture to give creative outlooks.

It is really important to choose your brand archetype before you design your business card. Your image is reflected by your business card and the first impression will be far better if all elements are used properly. By understanding your brand personality, you must design your business card. Choosing the right printer is very important. Very few
Advertising Agencies in Mumbai pay attention to brand building. Business cards are low cost and very effective at delivering all the required information.

In this digital age, make sure you don’t miss out on business cards. The different archetypes mentioned above are some of the essential archetypes for designing elegant business cards. Create stylish and creative cards that will help your brand and business grow. You can create various kinds of business cards at Moonstruck India.


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