Friday, 6 May 2016

How to build strong Corporate Identity

A brand needs to go through a process involving vision, mission, value proposition, etc. to build a strong corporate identity, which helps the company to retain customers. To create a strong corporate identity of your brand, it is recommended to hire a professional advertising agency.

Logo designing and corporate stationary services are a few things that every business needs to create a strong corporate identity.  Along with it, a brand must also consider the vision, mission, philosophy and business plan, customer retention, and loyalty for a better corporate presence. All these factors make it easy for the brand to get recognized and maintain transparency in the way it functions. Also, it gives a clear vision of what a brand wants. 
Developing or refining a corporate identity is a five-step process that aims to clearly define what your brand stands for. It mainly includes goals of the brand, its personality, the emotions people experience when they come into contact with the brand, and a clear conveyance of brand identity through a positioning statement.
The Process to define Corporate Identity

A Vision statement: A vision statement describes what you want your company to become in the future. It should be aspirational and inspirational. 

A Mission Statement: A mission statement defines the purpose of the company. It should be simple, and motivating to employees and customers.

Essence: An intangible feeling or emotion that you want to pass on to customers with your brand.

Personality : Personality describes the way a brand speaks, behaves, and reacts to its customers. Often, the personality comes out through marketing communications and distribution channels. So, it is important to personify right feelings to your brand.  The best example of it is the two E-commerce giants namely, Flipkart and Amazon.  Flipkart depicts speed, whereas Amazon is light hearted and easy going.

Position or Value Proposition: A brand positioning statement, or value proposition, is a one or two sentences statement that clearly articulates the unique value of your products or services, and how it benefits customers. It is often determined as USP, the unique selling proposition of your brand. A promising brand’s positioning statement answers the why, how, whom, what and everything that's relevant to its identity.
A brand is one of the most valuable assets of a business, which needs to be carefully crafted to represent your business in the best possible manner to your target audience. The above five core elements are the key constituents of a brand manual that deeply define your brand. This manual acts as a guiding tool for designing your corporate stationary, brand colours, and usage of the logo. It also includes the restrictions, limitations, and other guidelines for advertising purpose. In all, creation of a brand manual helps in building a strong corporate identity.

Developing a strong identity can be take care of by a professional advertising agency. Agencies like Moonstruck Advertising that are aware of the brand culture can help you to develop a strong corporate identity.

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