Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Catalogs and Brochure Printing Services - Steps and Tips to build brand identity

Brochures talk about your company whereas a Catalog will talk about your products/ services. Brochures are who we are and catalogs are what we have. These two identities are like salesperson of your company. They should always answer who, what, why that your offering. Hence they should be designed to harmonize with your corporate image and brand identity. 

As they are the component of marketing collateral's, information and visual literature that are provided should bear your corporate identity. As a part of brand building exercise, your marketing collateral's should reflect the ideology of your company. A company's marketing toolkit is always incomplete without catalog and brochure.

1.) A book is judged by its cover:  The most important page of a catalog designing or a brochure is the one which reader will see first. If it is of no interest, the reader can’t be expected to go searching any further through the literature. Keep your cover page look modest. Include an interesting photo, a corresponding headline or compelling graphic which can arouse the curiosity.

2.) Document your Public Profile: It is important for users to understand about the company. Too lengthy or too short copy lowers the score of your marketing collateral. These marketing tools carry your brand identity. So your copy should convey your brand message and hence businesses should invest in a good copy writer.

3.) Forbidden Sin- Logo/brand colors: Established brands enjoy brand awareness while new brands need to push boundaries to register themselves with customers. They must rely on effective brand naming, and compelling graphic identity. Strong brands typically use their brand names or trademarks for their collaterals. Unknown brands must use a compelling graphic design. Apart from design, other aspects of brand identity include logo and brand color. Logos and brand colors are known for immediate recognition and effective re-callers. So it’s sinful in marketing to give this one a miss. 

4.) Don’t search us on Yellow Pages: Precisely, get your details mentioned. After all you want your users to reach you. Information such as address details, important contact information with person name, email ids, website link and social handles are the requisites. As they are the sure lead generators, do not miss to add your contact information or a query form.

5.) Seek Professional Help: A professional Branding designing agency is capable to enhance these marketing collateral's. They can optimally balance the design, corporate profile, products and services in lieu with your brand identity guidelines. An Advertising agency skilled in brochure and catalog designing services can also offer tips for right printing material to be used.

Catalog and brochure are some of the effective tools of marketing that plays a very important role in branding and in building corporate image. To create effective brochure’s and catalog’s, visit Moonstruck advertising agency. This Branding agency also offers designing services like catalog design, brochure design, website design and many more other services at reasonable prices.


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